The HiFi™ Soft Socket System changed my attitude and changed my life! Three years ago I was looking at wheelchairs and thought that was my only choice. Curt is so intuitive that even when I can’t explain how to make things better he knows intuitively what to do. The HiFi™ Soft Socket System has given me the confidence to take steps that I didn’t have before I had it.

David Burandt

Prosthetic Solutions means I have my life back. My name’s CJ Patterson, I lost my leg about 8 years ago in a motorcycle wreck. Prosthetic Solutions really helped me out. The new HiFi™ Soft Socket System
has put me back on my feet again, got me back on the court and back in the gym. It’s been life changing for me! I go through life every day without pain anymore. You don’t have to be in pain either.

C.J. Patterson

I’m Ronnie Tenhudfeld, I own a construction company. Curt’s HiFi™  Soft Socket System has been a life changing experience. It has given me a whole lot more freedom and mobility. I’m back on the job, I’m able to move and be flexible!

Ronnie Tenhudfeld

My name is Bleu Cruise, I’m a cook over at the Palace Café. I love Prosthetic Solutions because it’s changed my life. In the restaurant they were amazed at how I came back to working the line and doing prep. This new technology is life changing, I don’t know where I would be without it!

Bleu Cruise

My name is Patty, I’m a landscaper and that means that I’m all over a yard. With the technology that Curt provides me with, I can do ANYTHING! I’ve even climbed a mountain before! Now, I am the Fleur de Lis amputee!

Patty DeShetler