Soft Socket™

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Creator of The Soft Socket: Curt Patton

Prosthetic Solutions

Creator of the HiFi™  Soft Socket System Dynamic Air Cushion Technology
Message from Owner- Curt Patton CPO, Owner

Since 1989, I have been dedicated to providing state of the art prosthetic limbs in a caring and professional manner. I started my career as a student trainer at the University of Georgia and then practiced as an ATC for several years before moving into the prosthetics field. Since becoming certified by the American Board of Certification in Prosthetic and Orthotics, I have spent most of my career owning and managing my own company. I am certified to fit the latest Microprocessor technology, including the Linx, C-leg, Plie, Orion knee systems as well as the Biom and Elan Microprocessor feet. I specialize in Elevated Vacuum Suspension systems and Sub Ischial Transfermoral Sockets. I developed the SoftSocket™ prosthetic system to enhance the health of the residual limb while restoring maximum function.

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Always on the cutting edge of technology for our patients benefit! Just an option