How do I choose the right prosthetist?

Several factors are important in choosing a prosthetist: Certification: Your prosthetist should be credentialed by the ABC or the BOC. This ensures competency in his or her knowledge base and technical skills. The title of Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist – C.P.O. or B.O.C.P., is granted to qualified practitioners by the appropriate licensing boards.

Communication: You should feel comfortable talking with your prosthetist about your needs, concerns and goals. Remember, his or her main job is to assist you in returning to your desired activities with the utmost comfort. If open and honest communication does not exist, then your ultimate prosthetic use will be hindered. Location: If possible, you should choose a certified prosthetist located relatively close to your home, so that periodic evaluations and prosthetic adjustments will not create a hardship for you and your family. The temptation to delay or avoid prosthetic appointments because of long distance travel might lead to unwanted complications.